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We provide Website design, Logo's, Code writing, Wordpress, PHP
The best is our SEO optimization and the ability to make your website be found!

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Ezyconsult is a very strong company optimization, as the founder has built a very successful real estate business over the past 10 years getting 100% of the leads from the internet for his team. Real estate is one of the hardest industries to be successful at and doing 100% from internet generated leads is virtually impossible.

We have the ability to do on page optimization, off page optimization and have a HUGE portfolio of sites that have very strong geo-graphical based power to help the small and medium sized businesses grow their business near their business. The technology we use is different than most as we can fix sometimes or build a site that ranks better than the largest companies in the industry.

At Ezyconsult we have a vision of helping small and medium businesses get back to growing their businesses as we think this is the best way to get the economy going in the right direction.


Look at our customers and check them in search do they show up? We don't hide that we are good at what we do but, many customers would rather not be telling their competition that we are their partner. If you would like to talk to any of our customers for a testimonial let us know and we will get you in contact with the right people.

Featured Web Design Article

Web Page Design is Not Just About Colors, Images and Fonts and graphic web design. Did you know that the BBC did a survey that states that the typical customer will choose within 20th of a second if the website is one they would like to do business with? You might think that is crazy but, when you last looked online and wanted to buy something did you pass on an old site vs. the nice new well done graphical website for your business? We all have done this, that is why there are many things that go into building a great website and you will not get them with a template or build my site overnight tool box.

More information on Web Design and Optimization

  • SEO is that needed?
    If your competition is you need to also...
  • Custom vs. Template design?
    Do you want to be able to make changes and also
    Apply SEO to your site? Then Custom is the choice
  • What is Clean code?
    Code that is done well to make it search engine friendly.
  • Does SEO and Optimization work?
    Ask our customers see what they say.

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Things to Ponder

Am I getting my money out of the Yellow Pages?
Most of our customers have cancelled the yellow pages ad and pay less with us for our service.

Do other websites look for partners?
We partner with our customers to help them grow their business. We even have master websites to drive more leads to our customers.

SEO and Optimization does it work?
Several of our clients have significantly reduced other marketing after partnering with EzyConsult.com

Is this a pay per click or call model?
No! we paratner with our customers.


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